The leadership in cities and municipalities in Finland are better than in other organizations contrary to what we believe

In Finland there seems to be a preconceived and commonly accepted opinion that the leadership is at a lower level in cities and municipalities compared with especially the private sector. In KivaQ´s statistics from 20 years with 36218 answers it is not possible to compare cities and municipalities with the private sector because some of the enterprises are owned by municipalities. But it is possible to compare cities and municipalities with all others and we found that the leadership measured with our Question 5 (see below) is on the contrary better in cities and municipalities.

KivaQ has for two decades used our short KivaQ W questionnaire with only 7 standard questions.

1: Have you enjoyed coming to work in the last weeks?
2: How meaningful do you regard your job?
3: How well do you feel in control of your work?
4: How well do you get on with your fellow-workers?
5: How well does your immediate superior perform as superior?
6: How certain are you that you will keep your job with this employer?
7: How much can you influence factors concerning your job?

KivaQ recommends: Other organizations could more often take examples from cities and municipalities. Things are not always better done in other organizations including private enterprises than in cities and municipalities.