Leadership is too important to be left only to the superiors and managers

Based on research and practical experience we can say that it is proven that good leadership correlates with most beneficial factors in working life like good work well-being, low employee turnover, low sick leave, less early retirements, high productivity, and good profitability.

KivaQ has for two decades used our short KivaQ W questionnaire with only 7 standard questions (scale 1-10).

1: Have you enjoyed coming to work in the last weeks?

2: How meaningful do you regard your job?

3: How well do you feel in control of your work?

4: How well do you get on with your fellow-workers?

5: How well does your immediate superior perform as superior?

6: How certain are you that you will keep your job with this employer?

7: How much can you influence factors concerning your job?

We looked at all questionnaires in our reference material during 2013-first half of 2022. We currently have 26414 answers in this reference material.

When cross tabulating question 5 with question 4 we get a correlation.

Employees deeming their superior a good leader get on much better with their fellow-workers than those deeming their superior a bad leader.

Therefore, KivaQ has actively for two decades assisted organizations to increase their work wellbeing through joint participation. We think that also leadership should be developed together in each team with all members and the immediate superior attending. Having leadership education for only the leaders is not enough for implementing good leadership because the behavior of every individual in the team strongly affects the leadership.

KivaQ recommends: Enable joint development of leadership in every team throughout the organization not forgetting the management team.