The people who feel that they can influence their own job also consider their immediate superior to be good

It is important for the individual worker to have the possibility to influence his/her own job. But the linear correlation between the possibility to influence your job and your opinion on how your immediate superior performs as superior is for many organizations new knowledge.

KivaQ has for two decades used our short KivaQ W questionnaire with only 7 standard questions.

1: Have you enjoyed coming to work in the last weeks?

2: How meaningful do you regard your job?

3: How well do you feel in control of your work?

4: How well do you get on with your fellow-workers?

5: How well does your immediate superior perform as superior?

6: How certain are you that you will keep your job with this employer?

7: How much can you influence factors concerning your job?

We looked at all questionnaires in our reference material 2013-2022 with 29233 answers.

In the picture below you can see a linear correlation. The more influence you have the better you regard your immediate superior.


KivaQ has actively for two decades assisted organizations to increase their work wellbeing and meaningfulness through joint participation using our structured workshop. Implementing the creative and innovative KivaQ workshop results in concrete, custom-made, practical actions for improving wellbeing at work and a strong feeling of possibility to influence your job and work environment. The statistics in the picture clearly indicate that leadership improves when the possibility to influence your job gets better.
The top management´s task is to allocate resources to make it possible for employees and their immediate superior to work together and enhance the perception of possibility to influence your job and improve the leadership.

KivaQ recommends: Leadership can be developed in other than traditional ways. Try methods improving the possibility of the employees to influence factors concerning their job.