Improving leadership is always worth it even if you already are at a very good level

In Finland as in most other countries we have due to extensive research a consensus that good leadership is crucial in all organizations. Good leadership correlates with all positive benefits like productivity, profitability, lower sick leave, longer working life, work wellbeing, motivation etc. This list would be endless if everything is listed. Has anybody seen any negative features resulting from good leadership? Probably not. Would it be clever to direct more or maybe all resources on implementing methods that have both scientifically and in practice been proven to improve leadership and less on new research?

KivaQ has over two decades used our short KivaQ W questionnaire with only 7 standard questions.

1: Have you enjoyed coming to work in the last weeks?

2: How meaningful do you regard your job?

3: How well do you feel in control of your work?

4: How well do you get on with your fellow-workers?

5: How well does your immediate superior perform as superior?

6: How certain are you that you will keep your job with this employer?

7: How much can you influence factors concerning your job?

We looked at all questionnaires in our reference material during 2013-2022 with at this moment 26402 answers.

The perception of leadership correlates linearly with work wellbeing. Interesting is that the work wellbeing did not stop improving when you had reached a very good level (9 of 10). The linearity continued to the top of the scale 10.

KivaQ recommends: Engage the whole team in developing leadership together with the immediate superior to reach a possibly high average in question 5 (How well does your immediate superior perform as superior?).