The meaningfulness of your job improves linearly in direct proportion to your ability to influence factors concerning your job

In Finland there seems to be an important consensus around the individual worker´s ability to influence his/her own work. Most employees regard their job more meaningful if they can influence factors concerning their work. Job meaningfulness has positive effects on the employees´ work wellbeing, it prevents burnout and adds to the favourable pull factors to stay with their employer.

KivaQ has for two decades used our short KivaQ W questionnaire with only 7 standard questions.

1: Have you enjoyed coming to work in the last weeks?
2: How meaningful do you regard your job?
3: How well do you feel in control of your work?
4: How well do you get on with your fellow-workers?
5: How well does your immediate superior perform as superior?
6: How certain are you that you will keep your job with this employer?
7: How much can you influence factors concerning your job?

We looked at all questionnaires in our reference material during 2013-first half of 2022. We currently have 26414 answers in our reference material

The degree of meaningfulness increases linearly throughout the scale 1-10 when the possibility to influence factors concerning your job increases.
Therefore, KivaQ has actively for two decades assisted organizations to increase their work wellbeing and meaningfulness through joint participation. Implementing the creative and innovative KivaQ workshop results in concrete, custom-made, practical actions for improving wellbeing at work and a strong feeling of possibility to influence your job and work environment.
The top management´s task is to allocate resources to make it possible for employees and their immediate superior to work together to develop their own jobs.

KivaQ recommends: Even in bigger organization it is important to delegate the improvement of work wellbeing in the daily working life to the team level and to implement scientifically proved methods.