To internationalize or not to internationalize, that is the question!

Our methods for measuring and improving wellbeing at work, KivaQ and Metal Age, seems to work very well in Finnish enterprises and organisations. I have presented the methods in close to twenty countries around the world and the response has always been very good. Wellbeing at work is an issue today in most developed countries and is part of the strategic leadership in many enterprises.There is a demand for practical and scientifically tested methods assisting enterprises in improving not only wellbeing at work but also productivity and profitability.

Finland is one of the leading countries when it comes to developing wellbeing at work. Finland is small but the global market is endless. The Finnish government encourages  SME:s to internationalize. The new jobs are created in SME:s.

On October 1st 2014 i listened to William Frost  at Turku WTC presenting his book Small  Company – Big World and got some good advice. The Finnish government  (ELY-keskus = Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment)  actively supports SME:s in their struggle to internationalize. This support is very valuable for SME:s like our company with very limited or no export experience. On October 9th I attended a Scandinavia-seminar at the ELY-keskus and had continued discussions on November 7th.

We are now convinced that we want to internationalize and that it will be fun. I strongly believe that we will succeed. In a year we will know. I hope that many other SME:s will internationalize for the benefit of the whole population in Finland.

– Ove Näsman