Instructions for users

How to order and pay

The KivaQ E questionnaire is ordered from the KivaQ web pages. Payment is by credit card, Internet bank or invoice. After the payment has been registered, the customer will receive via email direct link to the questionnaire and a survey code and a password for modifying the questions and analyzing the results. The KivaQ E questionnaire can also be ordered as a consulting assignment.

It is highly recommended that the questionnaire is introduced to top management and representatives of the person before ordering it. This improves commitment to the process and creates a good starting point for further actions.


The KivaQ E questionnaire has 9 standard questions in Finnish, Swedish and English. The customer can add 1-20 tailor-made additional questions to the questionnaire. However, the customer should carefully consider the need for additional questions because usually the longer the questionnaire the lower the response rate.

The questions can be modified until the questionnaire is opened to respondents. The number of respondents and the duration of the survey can be modified even after responding has begun.

Dividing the personnel into groups

In a large organization, it can be useful to divide the personnel into respondent groups according to e.g. the organizational structure. If the customer wishes, it is possible to set passwords for each respondent group. This allows managers to analyze the results of their own departments.

Confidentiality is very important when carrying out the KivaQ E questionnaire and it is therefore answered anonymously. Anonymity must be preserved when personnel is divided into groups. If the respondents get the impression that individual responses can be tracked it may decrease willingness to reveal personal experiences on inappropriate treatment or discrimination.

Communication concerning the questionnaire

The personnel should be informed well in advance. Preliminary information on the questionnaire, e.g. why and when it is carried out, should be sent out a few weeks beforehand. The accompanying letter with the link to the questionnaire and survey code should also be well formulated to ensure a high response rate.

Via the following link, you can load a template of the accompanying letter: Word-document.

Responding to the questionnaire

Responding to the KivaQ E questionnaire is done primarily online from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The questionnaire is accessed via a direct link that is sent to all respondents with the accompanying letter. It is also possible to access the questionnaire by filling in the survey code in the KivaQ E code box at the web address

In the confirmation mail, you will also find a version of the questionnaire for hard copies. If some employees respond on paper a suitable person from the organization should save these responses into the KivaQ E program. It is crucial to ensure the anonymity when using hard copies.

Studying and analyzing the results

The results of the KivaQ E questionnaire are registered in the web-based analysis module in real-time. To study the results the customer can log in to the analysis module with the survey code and password.

The KivaQ E analysis module enables fast and easy cross tabulations with all chosen alternatives. The cross tabulations can be saved for later use, thus enabling comparison between surveys carried out in different times. The results can be studied in numbers or graphics. NB. Do not use multiple browser windows concurrently when analyzing.

Presenting the results to the respondents

An important part of the KivaQ E questionnaire is presenting the results and planning the development actions together with the respondents. This transparent procedure motivates the employees and improves commitment to development actions. The results can be presented online, which guarantees the interest and engagement among the respondents.

When presenting the results, it is important to take into account that possible experience in discrimination or inappropriate treatment is very personal and delicate matter for the respondents. The anonymity of the responses must therefore be guaranteed.

Organizations which do not want to formulate the questionnaire or present the results by themselves can order KivaQ E as a consulting assignment. See prices and content.

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