Sabina’s LinkedIn Post (March 20, 2020)

I want to share a reflection that came to me strongly after a workshop group I had a couple of weeks ago and was again confirmed last week in a different setting with another group. I think that great value is created when people share their thoughts, feelings and ideas with each-other.

Raise your head/sights (lyft din blick/nosta katseesi). You get so easily stuck in your own bubble, and your own needs. Challenge yourself, and raise your head, look at your colleague, and really truly listen for a moment. Can you see and hear what this specific matter means in his or her perspective? What is the value to him or her if this matter was decided to his/her benefit? How do you feel about the matter after listening? Are you still arguing for your perspective, or are you possibly ready to compromise in this matter? In many cases there are a lot of needs, experiences, feelings as fear or excitement. Also remember to express yourself, bring out the importance of this matter, how it affects your work for example.

So, the next time you are sitting in a meeting, be genuinely curious, ask questions and listen to your colleague. Why is this matter so important to her/him? What is the value? And imagine the feeling of contributing to someone. Isn´t that the best feeling?