Data Protection Description for KivaQ OyAb


1. General Information
• Company Name: KivaQ OyAb (Registered in Finland)
• Business ID: 1758144-6
• Contact Person: Markus Näsman,

2. Collection and Storage of Customer Contact Information
• We receive information from customers when they contact us, for example, via email, phone, at customer meetings, through www-forms, etc.

• Information stored about the customer when a collaboration begins includes: the client’s name, title, the name of the organization, details of the organization such as phone number and address, information about ordered services, billing information, and other details related to the customer relationship or ordered service or services.
• We use HubSpot’s CRM system to manage our customer relationships. Customer contact information and customer relationship data are stored behind two-factor authentication to ensure the highest possible security standards.

3. Website/Questionnaire Application and Tracking
• Our website and questionnaire application do not use tracking cookies. This means we do not use tools like Google Analytics or similar to track or collect information about visitors on our website.

4. Newsletters and Email Communication
• KivaQ occasionally sends out newsletters and marketing communications. The email list used has been collected with the consent of the recipients. All subscribers have the right to have their data deleted from the email list at any time. We use Microsoft 365.

5. Storage of Survey Data
• When a customer orders a questionnaire on our website, the orderer’s details are saved in our database. Survey passwords are protected with SHA-256 encryption to ensure security.
• Information stored upon an order includes the details specified by the orderer:
– Company/Organization name
– Industry (depending on the order)
– Postal address
– Orderer’s email address
– Questionnaire name
– Password
– Start and end date of the questionnaire
– Number of respondents
– Number of additional questions (depending on the order)
– Gender and age (depending on the order)
– Questionnaire responses

• For questionnaires ordered with personal (unique) response links, all respondents’ (not the orderer’s) email addresses are automatically deleted 30 days after the questionnaire´s response time has ended.
• Questionnaire responses are stored indefinitely, but KivaQ can manually delete questionnaires as agreed. Questionnaire data is stored to compare development, i.e., to compare older questionnaire results with new questionnaires.
• Questionnaire data cannot be linked to a specific individual and is always stored without identification details with an automated ID number.
• When responding to a questionnaire, no IP address from the computer is stored in the database. However, a log of all page loads is stored. The log contains an IP address, but it is not possible to discern which questionnaire it relates to, which email address was used, or what the person has responded. This log is deleted after about a month. This means that KivaQ cannot link specific respondents to any data. The time of response is also stored in the database but cannot be linked to an individual person or email address.
• KivaQ makes backups of the entire server, including logs. The reason for logging certain information is to make it easier to investigate technical and security problems retrospectively.
• The databases are on servers within the EU (Helsinki, Finland).

6. Collection of comparison data
If, at the time of ordering, one agrees that KivaQ OyAb anonymously add the responses from the questionnaire’s standard questions (not text responses or additional questions) as a reference, one will gain access to the entire set of comparison data. The comparison data may consist of several tens of thousands of responses from various industries.

7. Who has access to the questionnaire data (stored without identification details)
a) The orderer if they have ordered the questionnaire themselves. If the questionnaire is conducted as a consultancy project, the orderer has access only if KivaQ sends login details to the customer.
b) KivaQ’s programmers (residing in Finland). When necessary, our programmers look at an individual questionnaire to, for example, troubleshoot technical problems.
c) KivaQ’s consultants. Everyone working at KivaQ is bound by confidentiality.

8. Minimum Number of responses in an individual analysis
The questionnaire application does not limit the number of responses that should be present for analyzing a result. If a questionnaire is ordered as a consultancy assignment by KivaQ OyAb, it is always discussed who will have access to the results

9. Handling and Storage of Other Data
• Client material (e.g., questionnaire presentations in PowerPoint®, PDF reports, quotes, and plans, interview material) is stored on Microsoft SharePoint and/or OneDrive. These are password protected.

10. Right to Review and Erase Information
Every customer included in KivaQ’s customer register has the right at any time to request to see the information stored about them or to ask that previously stored information be erased. Customers can also request information about previously stored surveys and ask for these to be deleted. This request should be sent in writing to the contact person mentioned in section 1. General Information.

Contact Information
For further information or inquiries about data protection, please contact Markus Näsman at KivaQ OyA,

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