KivaQ Facilitator training in Kasnäs

KivaQ is arranging a facilitator training in Hotel Kasnäs on Thursday 19th – Friday 20th May 2022.
This training is aimed for well-being consultants, HR-professionals and other consultants and people working with developing work well-being.

During this training you will learn how to develop work well-being by using the KivaQ Method.
• Understanding the importance of work well-being
• How to measure work well-being
• How to analyse questionnaire data
• How to present the results to your client
• How to facilitate a KivaQ Work Well-being Workshop
– Intervention planning (brainstorming development ideas)
– Prioritisation of development areas (where to start)
– Planning of concrete actions (action plan for development areas)
• Follow-ups (How to plan and run a follow-up meeting)

There will be a Q&A in the evening where you will be able to talk to industry experts to ask specific questions about the KivaQ Method and other work well-being related topics.

10:00 Morning coffee, sandwich, registration (15min)
10:15 Opening by Markus, intro and overview (10min)
10:25 Post card introductions (30min)
10:55 Agenda, house rules, procedures (Sabina) (10min)
11:05 History and background by Founder (Ove)(20min)
11:25 The KivaQ method (Sabina) (35min)
12.00 Lunch
13:00 Case example (ÅHS) (30min)
13.30 KivaQ W survey(s) E & R&E (Markus) (90min)
15.00 Coffee break, Fruit
15.15 KivaQ development workshop (45min)
16:00 Intervention planning (45min)
16:45 Summary and close

17:30 Walking, swimming, sauna etc…. (optional)
19:00 Dinner, Question & Answer evening

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Prioritization of development areas (1 hr)
10:00 Planning and decision of concrete measures (30min)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Planning and decision of concrete measures (30min)
11:15 Follow-ups (30min)
11:45 Lunch
12:45 Awarding of diplomas, course feedback (30min)
13:15 Open questions, photos (30min)
13:45 The training ends

Price: 500€ + 24% (for the training, meals & drinks included)
Hotel Kasnäs rooms: 108€/person (single room), 62.50€/person (double room)

Further information & registration:  Noleen Tilbrook, +358406107055
Deadline for registration: 6th May 2022

Links to research results for KivaQ Workshop (long term work well-being benefits):
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