Sabina’s LinkedIn Post (June 1, 2020)

Do you see the trees or the water?

A sunny day in March, enjoying my daily walk during the isolation with my 3-year-old, we came down to a lake, and I heard him say “look mom, you can´t see anything, there are so many trees in the way”. I realized that second that he actually repeated what I had said a few seconds earlier. It made me think. Why did I focus on the trees? There were obviously a lot of trees, but we could still see some beautiful blue water.
I believe this is rather common. People´s focus is drawn to the trees rather than the water. To the problems rather the solutions. To their own flaws rather than all the great potential. Antonovsky´s salutogenic approach stresses that health is not the same as absence of disease. He speaks about finding an energetic state and peace of mind as a way to handle the demands of life, and these are skills you can learn by practicing reflection. The same goes for wellbeing at work, a high level of wellbeing is not created solely by removing stressors.
Self and team reflection are some of the most important skills in future work-life. How aware are you of your own thinking and working models? To what extent are you limiting yourself with your beliefs and thoughts of what you can and cannot do?

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